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Originally established as a general engineering company in Ozzano dell’ Emilia, near Bologna (Italy), FRAME  entered the corrugated silo market in the mid 1990’s.

In 2015, FRAME was acquired by Ag Growth International (AGI), a leading manufacturer of grain, feed and fertilizer handling, storage and conditioning equipment including augers, belt conveyors, grain storage bins, grain handling accessories, grain aeration equipment, grain drying systems, and fertilizer handling and storage systems. AGI has manufacturing facilities in Canada, the United States, Brazil and Italy and distributes its products globally.

AGI FRAME has now grown into one of Europe’s largest designers, manufacturers and suppliers of all types of corrugated steel silos for commercial and agricultural applications. We offer ancillary products including catwalks, ladders, platforms, aeration and temperature sensing systems, towers, AGI FRAME can supply mechanical handling, cleaning, weighing, and bagging equipment as part of AG Growth International Group of Canada.

With a policy of continuous improvement, AGI FRAME has developed a range of FP silos for models to include with volumetric capacities of over 24,000m3, like, the FC hopper bottom silos, which is now available with capacities over 4,700m3.

For nearly 30 years, AGI FRAME has supplied silos to many countries throughout the world and is  a preferred supplier to many of Europe’s leading manufacturers of grain processing equipment. FRAME is also one of the most respected engineering companies in Europe that has their own locally based agents to provide the necessary technical support as required.

AGI FRAME‘s strength is ensuring our customers are happy before and after we provide service because our after-sales service plays an important role in customer satisfaction. This, over the years, has helped us to strengthen the bond between our company and customers. We find that it is extremely essential to understand the needs, interests as well as budget of the customers, so that we can always offer the best and most suitable solution.

At FRAME, we do our best to stay in touch with the customers even after the deal.

Site supervision is equally important to us, which includes activities applied to silos erection and commissioning. We offer qualified and expert supervisors to manage all worksite activities.


Head office
Via Bertella 2, Ozzano dell'Emilia (Italy)
Phone: + 39 051 798 107
Fax + 39 051 796 300
e-mail: info@framespa.it
VAT ID IT03293161208
Companies' Register BO03293161208
C.C.I.A.A. BO-507459 REA

198 Commerce Drive
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R3P 0Z6
Phone: 204-489-1855


FRAME products are manufactured to the highest standards, UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 quality controls are applied throughout the manufacturing process of all FRAME S.r.l. equipment.

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All FRAME products are CE marked