Commercial Hopper Silos

FRAME FC commercial hopper silos offer versatility, fast assembly and a low cost per tonne.
The use of hoppers is proven to be the best solution for frequent product unloading cycles without leaving residual material in the silo, thus minimising the use of mechanical equipment. 
FRAME offer two hopper models: 45°/60°, so that to provide the best solution even for wet products and with high friction angles.
Hopper silos

They meet all customers requirements:

  • Suitable for all free flowing cereals including wheat, barley, rape seed, soya beans, rice, etc.
  • Hopper sheets, compression rings and support steel are hot dipped galvanised.
  • Smooth wall hopper silos for non-free flowing materials can be supplied as required.
  • Design standards to DIN can be supplied together with specific seismic or wind considerations according to the clients requirements.
  • Hopper ring incorporate mushroom headed bolts on the internal surfaces to ensure maximum cleanliness inside the silo.
  • A support structure for loading can be offered.
The storage of the product is guaranteed the use of the highest quality materials during manufacture, water tight design & construction & the incorporation of correctly specified conditioning & monitoring systems.
The connection ring between silo and hopper is the main point of force of the FRAME model silo FC: it is made up with C-section circular beams with shop flanges capable to provide a highly accurate connections even with the braced load bearing columns. 
Compression ring and support steel are manufactured hot dipped galvanised.
The various segments of high-resistance galvanised sheet ensure highly smooth surface. There is no product accumulation in FRAME hoppers, and long term product storage is guaranteed by the use of high-resistance atoxic sealing materials covered by DIN quality certification, which avoid any humidity infiltration.


The cylinder is constructed from galvanised corrugated steel sheets with profiled external galvanised vertical stiffeners.

  • The sidewall sheets are manufactured from 0.8 mm through to 3.5 mm galvanised, (minimum 350 g/m²) steel with a tensile strength up to 510 N/mm² & a yield stress up to 355 N/mm².
  • Where necessary, laminated sheets are used for greater strength.
  • The profiled stiffeners carry the vertical load of the silo to the base. Manufactured from high quality, hot dipped galvanised steel, the FP stiffener feature strong bolted splice joint plates with large cross sectional area, critical elements in stiffener design.
  • All components manufactured with highly automated techniques, ensuring fast & accurate production.
  • Sidewall sheets are assembled with FRAME high strength grade 8.8 bolts, guaranteed against corrosion.
  • PVC washers & sealant ensure a perfect seal between sidewall sheets & fixings.

Silos can be supplied with large diameter outlets to suit various type of discharge and FRAME can provide hoppers with non-standard outlet height.

All FRAME FC commercial silos incorporate a heavy duty hinged sidewall door in the second ring as standard.
Access ladders and platforms can also be offered to suit the clients requirements.